Volunteer in Croydon

Client Services Admin Volunteer

Tigrinya Translator admin volunteer Ensuring that members who have Tigrinya as their first language have access to information and support, though helping to write information in  and through pro...

Commitment: to be arranged once a week for 2-3 hours (office hours)

Client Services Romanian translator volunteer

to support members who speak Romanian by ensuring that information is in this Romanian and that staff understand their needs. Both through admin and support in groups

Commitment: to be arranged once a week for 2-3 hours (office hours)

Group Facilitator Volunteer for Multi Cultural Crisis group (MCC) Croydon Skylight

Facilitator to lead on a group that supports members who are black. Asian or other non white British backgrounds and homeless. The group will look at to raise awareness around multi cultural issues...

Commitment: Fridays 1.pm -3pm

Group Facilitator Volunteer

Make a real difference in the lives of our members by planning projects to inform about LGBT people and homelessness and support LGBT people who are homeless.

Commitment: Fridays 130pm -3pm

We have no volunteering roles in this area currently. Please go to our volunteering page to view roles in other areas.