Four Hands outstretched, each with an intricate Henna Tattoo design

Crisis Skylight Birmingham members, staff and volunteers really enjoyed our women’s well-being day earlier this week which was a relaxed day of crafts, food, henna, and conversation.


Photo of a person's hands, making a pom pom using a wool winder and pink yarn
We spent the morning getting creative by making bracelets, key rings and bag charms, and then had two lively discussions in the afternoon.

Photo of someone opening a packet of colourful beads, each bead as a letter of the alphabet on it.
The first was a taster session for a brand new course around healthy relationships and the second was our first member produced session and was all about the importance of self-care.


Brown paper gift bags. On the corner of the closest gift bag is a sticker that says POWER UP!
A huge thank you to LUSH Birmingham UK who donated some beautiful shampoos, conditioners, body lotions and soaps for our members to take away.

Photo looking down onto a desk. On the desk are small black pots which contain beauty products. there is a bar of soap wrapped in paper with the Lush UK branding on it and there are some individually wrapped Pukka herbal tea bags on the desk too.
We can’t think of a better way to end the day and kick start some essential self-care time!


A basket with a sign on it saying Positive Affirmations. In the basket are pieces of paper. the upper most piece of paper has the writing I am Worthy on it.