Regulate the Rogues

Regulate the Rogues is Crisis’ campaign to stop rogue landlords exploiting people who need housing and support to leave homelessness behind.

Everyone should have a safe home that meets their needs.

But thousands of people experiencing homelessness who require additional support are living in unsafe, squalid homes by rogue landlords who are profitting without providing the help they’re supposed to provide.

Wayne and Ian have both experienced intimidation and abuse at the hands of rogue landlords while living in this type of accommodation.

We need the Government to act to prevent this from happening.

Wayne and Ian are writing a public letter to the Housing Secretary, Simon Clarke, to demand action.

Will you join them and add your name?

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What's the issue?

Some people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness live in accommodation that comes with support to help them rebuild their lives and thrive.

This could be because they have had to flee domestic abuse, have a serious mental health condition or have suffered a traumatic event in their lives. This type of housing is known as supported housing or ‘exempt’ accommodation.

There are many good providers of exempt accommodation, who work hard to provide quality support services that can help people transform their lives.

However, some rogue landlords are exploiting Housing Benefit rules to cash in on the ability to charge high rents in return for this support, while people to live in unsafe, dangerous shared housing with little to no support.

We’ve heard from people who have been abused, intimidated and even forced back into homelessness to escape this situation. Tenants have been neglected, scared and intimidated by the very people that are supposed to be there to support them.

Rogue landlords are ruining lives. With good housing and support, people can thrive. It’s time for the Government to step in and #RegulateTheRogues.

How is this affecting people?

Through our services we’ve heard from many people who have faced distressing conditions in supported exempt accommodation.

We’ve heard from people who have been abused and intimidated by their landlord, and even forced back into homelessness to escape this situation

Many residents have no option but to remain in poor quality, unsafe housing with little to no support or leave and face returning to homelessness.

No one should have to face situations like this. Discover their stories below.

"It had a bad impact on my mental health. I was even crying myself to sleep at night – it was that bad."

Richard turned to exempt accommodation when he had nowhere else to go. But he didn't feel safe there, and there was no support at all.

Read Richard's story now
“I wanted to move out of there so badly, I was going to sleep every night with my jaw clenched."

Hannah has lived in accommodation managed by two different supported housing providers and had mixed experiences.

Read Hannah's story now

What are we campaigning for?

When managed well, exempt accommodation can provide good quality housing and support to people who need additional help to leave homelessness behind.

But we must root out the rogue landlords who are only seeking to profit from people in vulnerable situations.

Change is possible, and we know the Government wants to act to improve the situation. But there is no time to wait. The Government must act now to stamp out the rogue landlords that are ruining so many people’s lives.

Join us by signing Wayne and Ian’s open letter to the Housing Secretary, Simon Clarke, calling on him to back new laws to root out rogue landlords so that people who need support get the help they need.


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Read the campaign briefing

Find out more about the Regulate the Rogues campaign with our campaigns briefing.

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Add your name to Wayne and Ian's public letter to the Housing Secretary, Greg Clark, to demand action to regulate the rogues.

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