How we work

We work side by side with people to help them rebuild their lives. From decades of experience of working with thousands of homeless people, we know what's needed to leave homelessness behind for good. We use this experience to shape the services we provide and the changes we campaign for.

Every bit of our work is integrated, and all contributes to our purpose of ending homelessness. The services we provide are carefully informed through our decades of experience of working with homeless people, and the research we've carried out over the years. Our research is driven by our knowledge from working side-by-side with homeless people every day. And this influences our campaigning for permanent change.

Our services

We support people out of homelessness for good. We do this through education, training and support with housing, employment and health. We offer one to one support, advice and courses for homeless people in 12 areas across England, Scotland and Wales.

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We help homeless people find and keep a rented home. We do this by working with landlords to ensure a supply of places to live, and giving homeless people the tools and knowledge they need to rent successfully. 

Our Housing resource centre provides information and training for housing professionals. The Help to Rent database lists private sector renting schemes across the UK. 

Research and campaigning 

We carry out pioneering research into the causes and consequences of homelessness, and campaign for the changes needed to end it for everyone, for good. 

The plan to end homelessness

Working with others, we're producing a plan to end homelessness once and for all.

Our values

Our values are at the heart of everything we do as we continue in our mission to end homelessness.  

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Our plans and goals

Read our five year strategy outlining the role we will play in ending homelessness in Great Britain.

Our plans and goals

Ending homelessness

Homelessness is not inevitable. With collective action and political will, we can solve homelessness once and for all. 

Through our 50-year history of pioneering research and supporting thousands of people out of homelessness, we know more than ever about the causes of homelessness and what it will take to end it.

How we're ending homelessness