No fault evictions rise by 52% in just three months - Crisis responds 

The Ministry of Justice has today (11 August) released its latest statistics on mortgage and landlord possessions in England and Wales, covering April – June 2022. The figures show that during April - June, there were 5,788 accelerated claims made as a result of a Section 21 ‘no fault eviction’. This led to 1,651 no fault evictions – a 52% increase in just three months - and continues to highlight the growing turbulence for renters in the private sector.

They also reveal: 

  • There were 4,900 evictions by landlords, an increase of over a quarter (29%) relative to the previous quarter. 
  • There were 6,425 claims by private landlords to evict tenants – this is up 6% from the equivalent quarter pre-pandemic in 2019. 

Crisis is growing increasingly concerned by the lack of action to support renters amidst the intensifying cost of living crisis, which could see inflation reach 11% by October and energy bills predicted to rise to over £4,200 a year by January. Since last year, rents have risen by 11.8% on average outside London, while in London it’s up by 15% according to Rightmove and yet no immediate support has been put in place to help renters with these growing costs.

The charity is calling on the Conservative leadership candidates to publicly back the Renters Reform Bill, which will strengthen tenant rights and scrap no fault evictions, alongside unfreezing housing benefit so that people can afford to find and keep a home.

Responding to the figures, Director of Policy and External Affairs at Crisis, Kiran Ramchandani said: “It’s impossible to comprehend that as the cost of living crisis deepens, thousands of renters are being forced from their homes at a time when many simply won’t be able to afford to find a new one.  
“Through our services, we’re seeing a growing number of our members facing eviction now the pandemic protections have been removed. These are people in desperate situations now facing the terrifying prospect of having to stump up the thousands needed for a deposit on a new rental home, when they’re already struggling to keep the lights on. We cannot be clearer that people need help now.  
“The government must open its eyes to the looming crisis facing renters. The new Prime Minister must commit to introducing the Renters Reform Bill, which will help give renters proper protection from being hit with a no-fault eviction and unfreeze housing benefit so people can afford to find and keep a home in the long run. Only this action will ensure we don’t see thousands more pushed into homelessness in the difficult months to come.”