Community Engagement Volunteer

A little conversation can make a big impact.

We’re looking for passionate, community minded people, to help us talk about homelessness and the solutions to end it across Great Britain. You can be a voice for change in your community and encourage others in your area to support our work and join the mission to end homelessness.

Get the word out

We are looking for volunteers who can have conversations for change in their local community. You can do this by talking to local people, community groups and businesses about the causes of homelessness, the impact it has and what needs to be done to end homelessness for good.

You will do this by:

  • Approaching and speaking to community groups about homelessness in your area and the work that Crisis does
  • Delivering presentations to a variety of audiences from students to local businesses
  • Supporting our Children & Young People project by working with Scout groups as part of the ‘A Million Hands’ partnership
  • Building and using your networks

Encourage others to take action 

Fundraising means Crisis can do more to end homelessness for good – you can help us to do this by promoting the benefits of supporting Crisis to local businesses and community groups, and work with our Fundraising Team to identify opportunities.

You will do this by:

  • Encouraging and motivating businesses in your area to support Crisis’ work through fundraising and partnerships
  • Promoting Crisis fundraising events and activities to community groups
  • Represent Crisis in your community, to support those who are fundraising in aid of Crisis

We are proud to be part of the work Crisis does, and we are looking forward to holding more events, building more connections, and being part of the movement to end homelessness

Sound like you?

We are recruiting volunteers to become part of our new Community Engagement Volunteer network – please take a look at our role description below. Thank you for your interest.