Destination Home: a new virtual reality experience!

Travel back in time with Alex, a 24-year-old woman who lost her job and follow her on a journey out of homelessness with the help of Crisis. 

Destination home: a journey out of homelessness is a new virtual reality experience to aid young people’s understanding and empathy towards people experiencing homelessness. 

You can engage with the experience using a Cardboard VR headset or on your tablet as a mobile game.

Immerse yourself in a digital world to understand more about the causes of homelessness, ways it can be solved, and how you can get involved in Crisis' work to end it for good. 

Key Information

Intended age range: 7 – 12, but ‘older kids’ are encouraged to join in, play and explore

Cost: There is no cost to downloading the game or ordering a headset

Ordering a VR headset: You can order your FREE headset here

Device needed to play the game: VR works best on most smartphones (iPhone 7 and higher, or Samsung 7 and higher, or similar.) Due to the recent update, VR mode is currently not available on iPhone12 and iPhone13, but you still can experience Destination Home in 2D mode

To find out more (including FAQs, how to download the game and to order your headset) visit the Destination Home webpage.