Stay Awake with Crisis

24 hours. No sleep.
What keeps you awake at night?

Every day, nearly 200,000 households across Great Britain go without the safety or comfort of their own home. Vital funds are needed to tackle the causes of homelessness and get people the help they need quickly. Join us as we Stay Awake for 24 hours and fundraise.

Pick a date that suits you. 

We won’t rest until homelessness is ended.

How your fundraising helps

We know homelessness is not inevitable. From decades of experience working with thousands of homeless people we know what's needed to end it. But it is only by working together that we can achieve this. The services we deliver rely on the incredible support we receive from fundraisers.


could help someone moving into accommodation to get a vital starter pack for their new home (it won’t furnish it in the entirety!)


could help someone get the equipment and clothing they need for starting work


could help fund a grant for vocational training (e.g. forklift truck driving) so someone can secure a job


could contribute towards providing the programme of specialist psychological help someone who’s experienced trauma needs to start rebuilding their lives

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Download our fundraising and campaigning guide for tips, ideas and ways to stay awake safely.