798 people have died while homeless since October 2017

New figures from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism have revealed that 798 people have died while homeless since 2017. Tragically, a third of those who died did so of treatable illnesses.

The research also shows that homeless people are much more likely to die from certain conditions than even the poorest people who have a place to live.

Responding to the figures, Matt Downie, Director of Policy and External Affairs, said:

“To know that so many vulnerable people have died of conditions that were entirely treatable is heart-breaking. What’s worse, we’re unable to learn the lessons needed to prevent these senseless deaths from recurring. Governments must urgently expand the systems used to investigate the deaths of vulnerable adults to include all those who have died while homeless.  

“But ultimately, 781 people dying homeless is unacceptable - we have the solutions to ensure no one has to spend their last days without a safe, stable roof over their head.  By tackling the root causes of homelessness, like building the number of social homes we need and making sure our welfare system is there to support people when they fall on hard times, governments in England, Scotland and Wales can build on the positive steps they’ve already taken to reduce and ultimately end homelessness.”


To view the full statistics visit: https://www.thebureauinvestigates.com/stories/2019-03-11/homelessness-kills